“I’ve used Lor at Calico Editing Services as a beta reader for my last three novels and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has brilliant instincts for story and character, and made suggestions that have helped me to improve both books substantially. She’s critical but supportive and encouraging – exactly what you need at that stage. I also ask her advice on short stories, journalism, speeches and even blog pieces, because she has a clear, logical approach that helps massively when I get myself tangled up and can’t see the wood for the trees. Her reports are always prompt and incredibly good value. All in all, it’s a fantastic service for authors.” Gill Paul, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail and Kindle best-selling author.

“Lor is passionate about books and reading, it’s a joy to work with someone whose love of both is infectious. But her strengths lie in her uncanny ability to get under the skin of a story, explore the worlds of your characters and tease out more from them. She spots opportunities to add depth and richness and that comes from an instinctive understanding of the storytelling arc . You can trust Lor to help your story to shine!” Kate Thompson, author of Secrets of the Lavender Girls, The Stepney Doorstep Society & More.

“Lor is professional, creative and prompt. She always has great ideas and is wonderful to work with. She is thorough and will work with you until you are satisfied that the job is done. Highly recommend!” Stacy Bauer, children’s author. 

“Many thanks to Calico Editing Services for such detailed and insightful feedback on my novel. You’ve pointed out the parts that need work, allowing me to see the way ahead, and also made me feel better about the book as a whole after I’d been through a phase of losing faith in it. I’m definitely going to recommend you to other authors who need help!”  Kathleen McGurl, author of The Forgotten Secret, The Emerald Comb & more.

“We highly recommend Lor. We felt she cared about our ideas and visions. She helped us strengthen several elements of our story and provided excellent editing advice.” Cinthia Wild, Children’s author.

“Lor has an absolutely amazing way of gently pushing you past your comfort zone to achieve greater storytelling! She is amazing! And will be using her for years to come!” Jodie Isitt, children’s author.

“I can’t recommend Calico Editing and Author Services enough.  Lor takes the time to understand and visualise exactly what you are trying to achieve with your story. She really helped me achieve the best that my story could be.  Will use again and again!” Samantha Ball, children’s author.

“Lor is just amazing… she can transform a tiny seed into a beautiful plant!” Lucia Paganini, children’s author.

“Not only is Lor Bingham a gifted wordsmith and children’s editor—she is also an insightful and creative storyteller. Her instincts have helped me to expand the way I think about storytelling. She is a treat to work with!” Kathleen Quinton, children’s author.

“I am so thrilled with Calico’s editing services. My editor was extremely professional, thorough, and provided me with open and honest feedback. This is exactly what I needed. Every suggestion proposed was done with complete thought of my finished product. In mind. Plus they enhanced and inspired my writing by giving me a different perspective on my children’sbook. I can’t wait to submit my revisions.” – Laura Day, children’s author.

“Prompt service, professionalism, great ideas.” Mary Kooyman, children’s author.

“I was so skeptical about using Lor for an edit go-round because why do I need an edit? My story is perfect. Besides,  she’s not even in America – was she what she said she was- did she really know “her stuff” but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I am SO GLAD I did because as soon as I got her three pages of suggestions and edits and I looked at my piece with a very critical eye and totally saw what she saw.  All her suggestions are spot on. I will certainly be using her for the next go round.” Mary Preble- children’s author and illustrator