I cannot believe that it is April already! Time seems to be flying so fast this year!

This month we are very busy working with various authors. We have been reading the manuscript of historical fiction author Gill Paul. We can’t give away any hints as to what this novel will be about, but it certainly has had us drawn in and turning the pages, eagerly wanting to find out what will happen… it’s going to be another big hit! We will share more information about it when we are able to so watch this space!

As well as working with Gill on her manuscript, we have also been working with some children’s book authors.

One of the authors who we are working with, has sent us two of her manuscripts. Both of them are around the subject matter of taking care of the planet and inspiring children to be more conscious of the decisions they make that could have an impact upon the earth. It is fantastic to come across an author who cares deeply and has such great passion.

We have also been enjoying working with author Jodie Issit who has created the wonderful character of Lola, a little bunny who lives with autism. Jodie has worked with illustrator Lucy Smith on her books for several years and has now reached the point where they are almost ready for readers to enjoy! The first book Playing with Bourbon Badger, in the series is available to pre-order now (see link at the end of the blog).

Have you heard of Helen Lacey and her incredible book Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy? Well, we have brilliant news- Helen has a new book in the works called Let’s Talk About Your New Baby Brother or Sister. This is going to be another big hit, we just know it!

Throughout the rest of April, we are working on new manuscripts from children’s authors, ranging from a problem-solving bunny to a child who wants to explore the ocean, and also helping some authors with their social media management. We currently have 4 spaces left for authors who wish to submit manuscripts to us for editing and critiques.



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