New Year, New Post

We have been working incredibly hard over the last few months on some fabulous books, which has meant that we haven’t had chance to update our blog for a while.

We have carried out developmental edits, copyedits and proofreads for lots of authors, which has resulted in a lot of exciting publications and book post!

Below are just a few of the published books which we have worked on over the last few months.

February is another busy month for us. So far we have carried out a critique of author Kate Thompson’s next novel which will be published by Hodder. This had us gripped right from the beginning and it was a joy to be able to get inside the characters’ worlds and also provide some valuable feedback to Kate. This novel is set within the London Underground during WWII and the incredible library which was created there.

As well as working on Kate Thompson’s novel, we have also been working with children’s author Gina Gallois who has written several books. We completed a developmental edit on another manuscript by her which is something a little different to her previous books… it still has animals at the heart of the story, but this time it’s got mystery, teamwork and a lot of tension too – we will reveal more later.

This month we are eagerly awaiting the cover of Gill Paul’s next novel The Collector’s Daughter which will be published by Harper Collins in September. We read this at first draft and second draft stage and it is such a beautifully told and moving book. Telling the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, this novel will require you having a tissue at the ready as there are some very emotional scenes which are just perfectly crafted. We know that Gill Paul fans are going to adore this book.

Coming up this month we are working with Bear With Us Productions on some more fabulous children’s books. It is always amazing to see the scope of authors who Bear With Us work with. Some of the topics we are working on for them this month include diverse families, atypical development, magical fairies and superheroes! We love that there is a huge range in books that children can enjoy and it is always a great feeling to be a part of helping authors and illustrators to get those books out there and into the hands of children.

So what has been a busy few months seems like it’s going to continue to be just as busy, which is fantastic.

We are almost fully booked now and only taking on a small selection of authors for the next few months. If you are hoping to work with us, please do contact us with any questions.

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