May, so far.

It is only early May but we have been very busy so far this month and really enjoying working with some new as well as past authors.

One of the projects we have been working on is a children’s book written by an author who aims to encourage children to be kind and inclusive to one another. The book has great promise and we were excited to receive the manuscript at the beginning of this month. This is a story which shows children how important it is to think about others and to share their feelings with them. It shows, quite simply, how easy it can be to reach out to someone and how that act of kindness can make more than one person feel happier. There are some great moments of humour and imagination within this book and there’s a real sense of adventure. We are very much looking forward to seeing how this story develops once the author takes in our suggestions.

Another project we are working on is the first read through for a published author. This manuscript is historical fiction and so far we are really enjoying it. It’s a brilliant book which, even in this first draft stage, is proving hard to put down! It’s always an honour to be trusted with a first read through of an author’s hard work and we appreciate that this can be a nerve-wracking time for them but this one is looking like it is our favourite of her works yet. Watch this space!

We have been carrying out research for an author who is working with the BBC soon. The research is proving to be lots of fun- yes research can be fun! It’s enabling us to find out some facts we weren’t aware of before and throwing up some interesting traditions- did you know that there are over 100 cars within the Royal Mews Estate? No, we didn’t either!

Throughout May we will be carrying on with the research for the author working with the BBC, critiquing the historical fiction manuscript and working with other authors on their children’s novels. It’s going to be a busy month but we are looking forward to it!

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