It’s June already!

How can it be June already?! It only felt like a second since it was the beginning of May! We have been really busy over the last month with working with an author for the BBC and the Royal Wedding, reading lots of incredible manuscripts, synopses and articles and also establishing our presence on Facebook too!

We have received some wonderful feedback lately from authors who are happy with our services and I think the phrase which really made us smile was an author who said that she ‘felt inspired to start taking in the alterations right away’. It means a lot to know that our critiques are inspiring our clients.

Over the next month we are working on some more children’s books including one which has arrived for its second edit. The first time we saw this manuscript we thought it had so much potential and suggested that the author change the book to make it a full-length chapter book and so it went from being 3,000 words to now being a 10,000 manuscript which we cannot wait to read later this week. We are also working on a second draft of a children’s book all about going on holiday and has some fantastic imagery.

We are also working on maintaining the Instagram account for one of our authors who is busy working away on her next novel whilst also promoting her previous one and building up to the publication of her most recent one in the autumn so she is finding juggling social media with all of her other jobs a challenge. It’s always enjoyable to work on the social media of our authors as it’s great to see how much readers are engaging with the books and enjoying them.

We do have a few spaces towards the end of June for critiques of manuscripts and so if you’re feeling at a stage where you’d like us to take a look at your work then please do get in touch.

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