The year is going by really quickly at the moment, how is it July already?!

We have begun this month with a fantastic review from one of our authors Gill Paul who we have been working with for several years. It means a lot to receive such positive feedback from the authors we work with, it makes us feel very proud of the hard work we put in and all of the hours we dedicate to going through manuscripts.

At the end of June we edited a children’s book about penguins. It was super-cute and had so much potential so we were delighted to receive the updated version of it today and see how much it has progressed. As well as seeing how the story has changed and began to really shine, we have also had a sneak preview of some of the illustrations which will go along with it. The illustrations are all created by hand by the very talented artist Ben Nicholls. The pictures I have been lucky enough to see so far show the skill this artist has as there is so much atmosphere in his work it’s clear he takes his time and really considers what he is working on. His great pictures, coupled with our author’s hard work on improving her book, is going to be a great combination for success. Ben’s work can be seen here https://m.facebook.com/benanlsdesignanillistrations/

Later this month we are expecting a new manuscript from an author we have worked with before. This author has shown us several of her manuscripts, all of which have been full of potential with a moral message behind each story which we have just loved. The draft from her that we are expecting later this month is a Christmas story which is incredible in this heat but the speed that the months are going by we know it’ll be December before we know it! We are really looking forward to seeing what she has created with it.

Also this month we are writing the blurb for our award-winning author Laura Day whos next book has been picked for publication next year. This author has worked incredibly hard on the book and we are so pleased that she has landed the publication deal!

With several other manuscripts lined up to hit our desks this month we just know that July is going to fly by!

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