The Lost Daughter- reaches number 1!

TLDThe Lost Daughter, written by Gill Paul, has gained number 1 best-selling status in ‘historical fiction’. It is also in the top 250 of ALL paid-for Kindle reads. The sister book to The Lost Daughter was The Secret Wife and this hit number 1. We are excitedly watching this fantastic book climbing the charts.

This novel was published on the 18th October and the praise it is receiving is fantastic. We, along with Gill Paul, are delighted with the feedback that it is getting. Here are just a few of the quotes from various magazines, authors, bloggers and readers so far:

“A brilliantly emotional read” Woman’s Own

“Fascinating! Gill Paul captures this family and this period of history so vividly. Such a wonderful book.” Hazel Gaynor

“Gill Paul is a fabulous writer of historical fiction, taking true-life events and real people and giving them flesh, bones and spirit in a way no dull historical tome ever could.” My Weekly

“Beautifully written, full of emotion, historically accurate and fascinating.” Bloomin’ Brilliant Books.

“I shall be recommending this book to anybody that will listen and I am putting it out there that it’s my book of the year!” Boon’s Bookcase.

“The Lost Daughter is an unmissable read that you will wish you could continue on and on as the chapters fly by and you feel as if you have only begun the book and then it has ended.” Shaz’s book blog

“If you haven’t read anything by this author yet, I would recommend starting with this one.” Over the rainbow book blog.

We loved this book from the moment we completed the Beta Read for it when it was in synopsis form. This was almost 18 months ago and the journey the synopsis has gone on from those early days, right through to publication is one we have been proud to have been a part of.
We are enjoying hearing the feedback that readers have and look forward to seeing how successful it becomes.

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