October News

Wow what a busy month we have had!

During October, we have been working on a number of projects which have kept us very busy.

October has seen the publication of The Lost Daughter by Gill Paul. We helped this number one best-selling author with this novel when it was in its infancy by providing a beta-reading service. On Day 1, when it landed with us as a synopsis, we knew that it would be special and it has been very enjoyable to see this book develop and grow over the last 18 months. We have been providing author services during October to assist with publication marketing and have been marvelling at all the wonderful reviews that have been coming in. Here are a few:

“A brilliantly emotional read” Woman’s Own

“As rich in historical detail as it is captivating” Heatworld

“Deeply moving, but never without hope” Woman’s Weekly

“Gill Paul is a fabulous writer of historical fiction” My Weekly

As well as assisting with The Lost Daughter, we have been working on several edits of children’s books.

Several of these books are being published in November and we are very excited to see what readers will make of them as they are certainly very special. One of the books, by Helen Lacey, covers the very important prospect of a new sibling.

Let’s Talk to Mummy’s Tummy by Helen Lacey is a pregnancy companion. It is focussed towards young children and talks through the pregnancy journey on a week-by-week basis. It covers all kinds of potential issues which may arise- jealousy, sleepless nights, feeding, why Mummy’s tummy is growing and so forth. There are various interactive elements that come with the book too which make it a very special read that can be treasured. This book has already received excellent praise from professionals working within the maternity field and child mental health.

Another book we have been working on is a wonderful Christmas log book, designed to be completed after the festive period. It includes questions to fill in about the season; special memories, gifts, decorations and a page to be completed with drawings, photos, stories… whatever the child would like. This is designed to be added to each year so it will eventually become a book full of special festive memories that will be wonderful to look back on. We will be sure to share links and more information once it is available.

We have worked with lots of other children’s authors who are preparing books ready for publication next year. These include Andrea Stephens who is working towards a fantastic chapter book about a young girl attending military training, Lisa Styles who is creating a wonderful, magical story about toy bunnies that come to life and sneak out on adventures and Jon Hales whose rhyming book is fantastically written and aimed at helping children to be ambitious.

There are lots of other amazing authors who we have had the pleasure of working with this month (yes, I said we have been very busy!) and we will share information about their work and books once they become available.




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