A Happy New Year!

It is January already! We are back at our desks and enjoying working with authors again and catching up with what has been happening over the festive period. We have lots of exciting things coming up this year that we can’t wait to share with you- of course, lots of these are under wraps at the moment but we will be sharing them once we can!

Later this week, we will be sharing with you a very special announcement by a best-selling author… it’s all totally top secret right now but maybe you can guess who the author is? She has had one of her books turned into a television programme, she has written 14 novels and her previous novel was set in Brighton…

Already this year, we have had the pleasure of working with Helen Lacey on a new manuscript that she is working on. Helen, published her debut book Let’s Talk to Mummy’s Tummy last year and it is proving a big hit already. Helen’s new book is totally different to her previous one but we know it will be just as well-received as it’s very cleverly written with great creativity- you won’t have seen anything like it! We can’t wait to share it with you!

We have also been working with the award-winning illustrator Lucy Smith as we are teamed up with an author who is creating a series of books aimed to help raise awareness of the daily struggles of children who have special education needs. This series will hopefully help open up important conversations about children who struggle with everyday routines and also help to encourage children to be more supportive, kind and accepting when a classmate may not be the same as them. We have had a sneak preview of some of the illustrations which Lucy is working on and they’re incredible as usual and will really bring this already wonderful series to life.

Several other children’s authors have sent us their manuscripts and, as always, it is incredible to see the huge variety. Some are serious and have important messages, others are fun and silly with lots of laughs, others are activity-based and will spark creativity… there’s so much scope it is hugely inspiring to see. We love working with such diversity.

We are almost completely booked up now for this month and are taking submissions of manuscripts for February. Space is already being snapped up so we are encouraging authors to get in touch soon if they are hoping to work with us in February. We hope that all of our followers and readers have had a wonderful festive period and that 2019 brings lots of joy!

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