We are open for submissions!

We now are open again for submissions of children’s books to be edited and/or critiqued.

Spaces are likely to be snapped up fast, so please do get in touch soon.

We offer a unique, personalised edit and critiquing service where we work very closely with our authors to ensure that their book reaches its full potential.

We always ask authors to give us as much information as possible about the book; their dreams, goals, any important messages the book is hoping to get across, the inspiration behind it… everything that may be relevant. We then keep this at the forefront of our minds when working on manuscripts. This helps us to make sure that the goals that the author has for their book are reached.

Our critiques help authors to realise areas in which their book may need to be altered. Sometimes it is a simple tweak to a storyline, other times it can be altering the structure of the story or the descriptions…

Every single story we work on is unique, just like the author, which is why we offer such a personalised service.

A fresh pair of eyes on your manuscript can make a huge difference.

You can contact us today on calicoeditingservices@gmail.com if you wish to enquire about our editing/critique service.

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